"Here at Valley Sober Living we believe in acknowledging our VSL members. When any of our members work in making improvements personally we truly feel that it helps to impress and inspire others. We know that for many of us when we accomplish anything we set our minds to, it gives us a deep sense of satisfaction and self-worth. On this page we would like to congratulate the following Valley Sober Living Members for doing just that. Great Job Everyone!

Domestic Violence Overview Certifications

The goal of Valley Sober Living offering the Domestic Violence Overview class is to recognize domestic violence when you see or experience it. it is also to understand why victims stay in abusive relationships. The class will help to understand the interpersonal dynamics of abuse. Know what you can do to address domestic violence and help to address so that you and all of us play a part in reducing abuse. 

CPR Certifications

Our CPR Certification – is for Valley Sober Living members to be prepared for the moments that matter when we help one another. We like to do our part by offering the CPR Certification to help and know how to respond to and prepare for emergencies such as a cardiac or breathing emergency.