The First Step: When You Realize You Are Sober and Need Help!

I’m sure some of us have been there at one time or know someone where we realize it’s time to make that change and now we know it’s the start of our first day being sober. Once we realize this we decide it’s time to reach out for help but then our psyche kicks in first with the shame you begin to feel and sometimes it may be overwhelming and begin to question if this is normal. Well It Is! You just got to get through it and tuff it out…..Its ok to feel shame. We are human and you got addicted to an addicted substance, that is its job and how it works. 

Now turn that shame into the next step (COURAGE) be proud of yourself for freeing yourself and now wanting to live a sober life in the way that other people still cant. You have now gained the upper hand and it’s your fight and now you control your own destiny. 

Believe me the shame will come from time to time. It will creep in on you when you least expect it but the longer you stay sober the stronger you become. Remember asking anyone for help (with anything) is normal and healthy. Just be honest with yourself and recognizing your weaknesses is actually a strength. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a better person and taking the steps necessary to achieve that goal.


Unanimous 🙂 . Nov 2019

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