How Valley Sober Living (VSL) Works...

It’s all about “We”…The family “spirit” in which one experiences from living in any VSL home is profound and more effective than an individual living alone or in other challenged environments! The fellowship and therapeutic atmosphere of our homes are incomparable! Each participant reinforces their own recovery through the “caring support” that comes from other recovering participants in our homes. Each and every participant is a member of the “Family” and is encouraged to participate. Clean & Sober living is a sacred and honorable experience!. VSL homes strive to promote and foster the “We” experience of recovery!

VSL operates as a “Family” with shared house responsibilities that are contribute to  feeling productive, builds self esteem and helps assure that our homes remain clean, safe and healthy environments for recovery!

A word about VSL Standards...
  • Maintain a daily commitment to a "Clean & Sober" Lifestyle!
  • Attend daily 12-step AA or NA (or other) support meetings
  • Practice a recovery program
  • Attend VSL "House" meetings- Sunday through Thursday
  • Respect and honor house standards
  • Complete assigned house chores
  • All participants are subject to random drug and alcohol testing
Our homes are

• Completely furnished
• Provide Free – Wi-Fi, utilities, telephone (local and long distance), cable
• On site washer / dryer
• Close to Public Transportation & Shopping
• Provide professional “support” letters for the courts or employers

VSL is NOT the same as a group home or halfway house…

Therapy, treatment and formal counseling are not a part of our operation. Our approach succeeds because we encourage you to assume responsibility for yourself as part of a “family”. We create a clean, safe, wholesome and loving environment with minimal structure through accountability and responsibility. We adhere to house standards to nurture our common goal: living Clean and Sober!




What’s it take to “move” in…

• A sincere commitment to recovery!
• Be able to clear a “basic” screening process
• Being an active and supportive member of our “sober” family
• Willingness to respect and adhere to VSL Standards
• Pay required monthly fee on time
• A minimum 30-day commitment
• Be 18 years or older
• Have at least 48 hours Clean & Sober time
• If you are completing an in-patient treatment program, it is best to ask your case manager
or counselor to assist you in contacting us to enroll and secure a bed prior to your discharge (or you can personally calling us directly is perfectly acceptable). Transferring directly to our “sober” home after discharge and maintaining a “seamless” transition is “critical” to avoid temptations during this vulnerable stage! VSL is the choice…!

What you should bring…

You are responsible for purchasing your own food and supplying your bedding items (for a twin size), towels along with minimal personal belongings, as storage space is limited.

Our “management” style…

Each VSL home is managed by a House Parent and an Assistant House Parent, both established VSL participants, having substantial recovery “time” with managerial capability along with their own positive and demonstrated recovery.

Our Relapse Policy…

If a participant “Relapses” (by using drugs or alcohol), they are discharged, to ensure the integrity of a sober environment!  Re-instatement is certainly possible (and welcomed) after a demonstrated proof of sobriety for 48 hour period of abstinence and other stipulations are met. A $100 readmit fee shall be charged as part of re-enrollment

Regarding visitors…

Visitors are welcome! However, visitors are also expected to respect VSL Standards, are “clean and sober” and will honor the shared family spirit!

About the cost…

Our bed fee rates range from $425 to $525 - differing from home to home and bed room layout - thus please confirm with any VSL agent as to correct Bed Fee rate Bed fee payment Admit / Processing Fee - $250.00 (1 time, non refundable)

Admit / Processing Fee - $250.00 (1 time, non refundable)

Want to Pay Online?

Click on the Paypal button below, and it’ll walk you thru the payment process – Please make sure you “IDENTIFY” for whom the payment is being made.

Name of Guest for Bed Fee



Mail any bed fees (by check) to

Valley Sober Living  
PO Box 693277
Stockton, Ca 95269-3277

We Would Also Like To Thank Our Partners, Sponsors and Affiliates For Being Part of The VSL Family Network