Introducing new features on our website

Dear Sober Living advocates or admirers,,,

Welcome to Valley Sober Living Introduction Newsletter.

It’s brand new and our goal is to provide you with valuable information and resources about Valley Sober Living!!

We hope you would consider adding us to your Recovery Residence or Sober Living Homes resource list and or any other means you have to ‘resource’ us for those seeking Sober Living, currently serving Sacramento, San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties, specifically in Galt, Lodi, Stockton, Modesto and now (as or March 1, 2019) serving the Mother Lode Tri-counties in Calaveras County, in San Andreas..!!

Since 2009 – Valley Sober Living (VSL) has provided residential “Clean and Sober” homes where every participant is provided with a structured, safe, clean and sober – living environment. Our Sober Homes assist each patron or participant (aka resident) with the dignity and grace to develop sober life skills to achieve genuine and lasting substance abuse recovery!!


Our website: (Check out the new Launched Website)

Locations: see website ‘Home’ page and the ‘Locations’ page

Our Program: How Valley Sober Living (VSL) Works…

We provide residential ‘Sober’ home environments
Our homes provide a therapeutic / recovery atmosphere, better known as Recovery Residences
Each participant reinforces their own substance abuse recovery through the “caring support” that comes from other recovering participants in our homes.
VSL operates as a “Family” with shared house responsibilities that are contribute to feeling productive, builds self-esteem and helps assure that our homes remain clean, safe and healthy environments for recovery!
Attendance at frequent 12-Step AA or NA (or other) support meetings is required
Attend VSL “House” meetings – Sunday through Thursday
Complete assigned house chores
All participants are subject to random drug and alcohol testing


Our homes are…

• Completely furnished

• Provide Free – Wi-Fi, utilities, telephone (local and long distance), cable

• On site washer / dryer

• Close to Public Transportation & Shopping

Were Certified, since 2010 by: CCAPP (California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals) @

We look forward to serving your population


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