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San Joaquin County


The Victory Recovery Home

This Home is huge and near Pershing Avenue and offers many amenities close by. The home is an All female SLE. Located across the street from Victory Park, Stocktons premier community park!! and the Haggin Museum, Stocktons historical treasure palace. Did you know that Victory Park is known as a great  walking park, safe, community friendly and it is expansive enough to hold private gatherings, play softball, tennis, enjoy nature in abundance! 

Stanislaus County


Ceres Recovery Home

This home is located on the “Heart” of downtown Ceres. This is a ‘Sober’ Apartment complex that has been completely renovated with charm and our “vibrant” hardwood floors and spacious accommodations create the place where recovery happens!!. Our ‘quiet’ and ‘cozy’ neighborhood is close to bus lines, abundant shopping, restaurants & numerous “AA and NA” meetings with newly established AA and NA meetings within a short 3 minute walk of the SLE..

Our ‘Sober Apartments’ offers on-site washer/dryer and FREE wireless, cable TV and local & long distance phone calls. The family-style complex with a large backyard for a garden, backyard BBQ’s and ‘fellow-ship” opportunities!

Payment Options

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Our bed fee rates range from $500 to $625 - differing on bed room layout -Please confirm by contacting a VSL representative as to correct Bed Fee rate plus

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