February 2, 2013

HI my name is Andrew S., November 2012 I was homeless living out of my car strung out on drugs and on the path to self destruction. I wasn't sleeping, I wasn't eating, my family had turned the backs on me because they had no choice and I was running out of options fast. I wound up in a psych ward because my mental state was beyond repair without the help of antipsychotic medications. Coming out of the psych ward I had two options attend a 28 day treatment program or be released to a homeless shelter.

By the grace of a Higher Power I was humbled enough to make the right choice and choose the treatment program. While I was inside of treatment a panel of people came up to testify on the benefits of deciding to stay in a sober living environment upon leaving a treatment facility. I followed their suggestions and when my program had come to an end I had made plans to stay in sober living located in Sacramento. I had some last minute reservations and decided to check out that place where those people who had visited me in treatment were staying, Valley Sober Living.

I have never felt a warmer welcome. Everyone there had a cheery disposition and were adamant that I needed to take residence there. So I did, and it was the single best decision I made in sobriety to date. It was amazing to be able to be surrounded by recovery where most everyone had the same goal in mind. Having Mark as our commander in chief up at the Lodi house was nothing short of a blessing. He is an inspiration to anyone in the program especially a newcomer like myself. He was a great life coach when I was going through rough times and has remained a good friend of mine since I left VSL. Choosing Valley Sober Living helped me build a foundation that I hope will keep me sober for years to come.

Thank you Valley Sober - Lodi, Ca 2/2/13

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