Feeling Truly Blessed

July 29, 2019

Jason Tobias Hedgecock, 


At age 16, I picked up an affinity for alcohol, always loving to be in the middle of the action or part of the party but thats what most teeangers do. But as I was getting older and working for a living, some of the jobs because of the industry I was working in at allowed my drinking to be more important. Initially, I tried to make some life changes by moving out of the environment I was in but unfortunately I realized that no matter where I went or tried to change I would always be around alcohol. It took me several years to take wanting to be sober more seriously. When I did finally reach that bridge I checked myself in and now 4 years later I am a clean sober responsible man and have a job that I love and it gives me the opportunity to help others who are in the same boat I was several years ago. I feel like I am truly blessed. Thanks Valley Sober Living.

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