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Our Featured Recovery Home For November

Ceres Sober Living Recovery Home is located on the “Heart” of downtown Ceres at the corner of North & Fifth St. This ‘Sober’ Apartment complex has been completely renovated with charm and our “vibrant” hardwood floors and spacious accommodations create the place where recovery happens!!. Our ‘quiet’ and ‘cozy’ neighborhood is close to bus lines, abundant shopping, restaurants & numerous “AA and NA” meetings with newly established AA and NA meetings within a short 3 minute walk of the SLE..The Ceres home is a Co-ed , family-style complex with a large backyard for a garden, backyard BBQ’s and ‘fellow-ship” opportunities! Contact VSL today for additional information.

Meet This Months VSL Staff Member Spotlight

Lon Strommes

Lon has more than 12 years of experience with rehabilitation centers and sober living homes including Los Banos, Fresno, Santa Cruz, Stockton, Lodi and Ceres. Lon was formerly a CAS-1 (Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor and a SLS 1 (Sober Living Specialist.) Lon has earned his stripes while working with the Salvation Army and with TLC (a large sober living service in the Bay Area.) In the past 6 years Lon has served in the capacity of General Manager of Valley Sober Living Inc. Lon is responsible for opening each of the six Valley Sober Living sites. Lon is well known and well respected in the AA and NA worlds.

Videos Worth Watching!

Sober living homes, or transitional housing, are a great setting to accomplish returning to a normal sober life. Sober living homes offer an environment that offers support from friends and professionals, while giving clear boundaries in early recovery. This is when your participants can help to shape their future, discover practice vital recovery skills, form healthy habits, and heal from the pain of addiction.

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News from The Sober Living Industry
It goes without saying that this year has been such an experience for everyone not just within our community but on a global scale. It has been fraught with stress and uncertainty for all in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Here at Valley Sober Living Recovery Homes we recognize the current high level of stress and set out to offer our partners, associates, and participants a way to connect and discuss what is happening within our industry and the unique challenges we are all experiencing in 2020. So, please subscribe to our Free E-Newsletter.

Valley Sober Living, VSL (Recovery Residences) have been successfully serving the Stockton, Lodi, and Ceres Communities since 2009, providing supportive “clean & sober” residential services. Sober Living Homes Providing Social Support for its Participants.

Did you know that our housing is deemed a critical part of the continuum of care helping curb the pervasive opioid and other substance abuse crisis in all communities, USA!

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Furthermore, VSL proudly operates under the stringent certification guidelines of these (2) State and National agencies

 CCAPP: (The California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals)

 NARR: (National Alliance of Recovery residences)


Here are some additional resources provided by VSL

Redwood Toxicology Laboratory
The following link provides comprehensive information on drugs, drug and alcohol abuse, drug abuse prevention, drug testing, recovery programs and general health related sites.

Housing settings enhance substance abuse recovery
Oxford Houses are democratic, mutual help-oriented recovery homes for individuals with substance abuse histories. There are more than 1200 of these houses in the United States, and each home is operated independently by its residents, without help from professional staff. In a recent experiment, 150 individuals in Illinois were randomly assigned to either an Oxford House or usual-care condition (i.e., outpatient treatment or self-help groups) after substance abuse treatment discharge. At the 24-month follow-up, those in the Oxford House condition compared with the usual-care condition had significantly lower substance use, significantly higher monthly income, and significantly lower incarceration rates.

We Are Now Accepting Donations

We welcome your donations for our much less fortunate patrons @ VSL ...


Designated Donations To offer your support to a specific program or to designate your Donations Such as:
 Sober living residential services
 Substance Abuse Treatment services
 Detox services
 Help with meals


Suggested Donations

 $25 covers essential survival kits - (ex; few bus passes, hygiene items, undergarments, $5 food cards, etc.(most popular))
 $40 covers covers a Bus Pass, for one month
 $100 covers Food and Grocery Provisions, for one month thru a Gift Card (recommended)
 $550 - $1000 covers residential Sober Living for one month
 $2000 covers one month County subsidized Treatment Center
 $8000-$15,000 covers One month of Private Treatment Center services

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