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What some residents have said about VSL:

“This is an incredible place. The experience and the people have proven
invaluable to my sobriety. Thanks for letting me be part of VSL.”


The VSL Standards are maintained and even exceeded. The staff’s been excellent.”

“The In-House support group meetings nightly – are my favorite meetings and have become an rather important part of my clean & sober routine.”

Sober Living saved my sanity and life!!!  Carlos O – Madison House, Stockton, Ca


HI my name is Andrew S., November 2012 I was homeless living out of my car strung out on drugs and on the path to self destruction. I wasn't sleeping, I wasn't eating, my family had turned the backs on me because they had no choice and I was running out of options fast. I wound up in a psych ward because my mental state was beyond repair without the help of antipsychotic medications. Coming out of the psych ward I had two options attend a 28 day treatment program or be released to a homeless shelter.

By the grace of a Higher Power I was humbled enough to make the right choice and choose the treatment program. While I was inside of treatment a panel of people came up to testify on the benefits of deciding to stay in a sober living environment upon leaving a treatment facility. I followed their suggestions and when my program had come to an end I had made plans to stay in sober living located in Sacramento. I had some last minute reservations and decided to check out that place where those people who had visited me in treatment were staying, Valley Sober Living.

I have never felt a warmer welcome. Everyone there had a cheery disposition and were adamant that I needed to take residence there. So I did, and it was the single best decision I made in sobriety to date. It was amazing to be able to be surrounded by recovery where most everyone had the same goal in mind. Having Mark as our commander in chief up at the Lodi house was nothing short of a blessing. He is an inspiration to anyone in the program especially a newcomer like myself. He was a great life coach when I was going through rough times and has remained a good friend of mine since I left VSL. Choosing Valley Sober Living helped me build a foundation that I hope will keep me sober for years to come.

Thank you Valley Sober   -  Lodi, Ca 2/2/13 

I am a woman who spent into a life of unmanageability into late February 2013, in which I landed up in the hospital for 7 days! From there, I admitted myself into ‘Rehab’ for 30 days. After Rehab, I went home only to find myself slipping into those same addictive behaviours. I knew I needed help, I needed to be around people like me. I found Valley Sober Living, a home that included structure, tender loving care, understanding and support for my addiction recovery!

I room with up to 14 people, but 1st and foremost, a place I can call home! If you want a place to get ‘clean and stay sober’, Valley Sober Living should be on your ‘Do List’   Sincerely, Phyllis W  - Stockton, Ca 6/15/13


6 months ago i wanted to die, lost my kids an grandkids. Lon came to talk to me an i came to VSL saved my life. I have my family back an i feel great!  DEANNA T – Stockton, Ca

"Rialto on Pacific is an incredible place. The experience and the people have proven invaluable to my sobriety. Thanks for letting me be part of VSL."

"The VSL in-house meetings have become an important part of my recovery!"

"The VSL Standards were exceeded and the House Parents helped provide an inspiring atmosphere for recovery"

"Over the last 25 years I was in the bay area where I lived in on the streets, surrounded by alcohol and drugs and the elements. Since moving into the Rialto, I have remained clean and sober for over 11 months and that would not have been possible without everything I'd received from being a part of VSL. In sobriety I've lost friends, experienced life’s ups and downs, depression, moments when my sobriety felt solid, other times, not so much. Through all of this, VSL was, an anchor!"

I very much wish to recommend Valley Sober Living. I come from an outstanding family from Lodi. When I was 13 I was prescribed vicodin and came to enjoy it quite a bit. After a couple of renewals and taking all the left over bottles from my parents and brother I realized that the high was more important to me than anything else. I was able to stretch out a couple of years finding vicodin from friends. As a sophomore in high school a friend told me about oxycontin and helped me buy it. I became involved with a boyfriend who also used oxy. I went on a bad stretch where I was stealing from my parents and grandparents to buy drugs. Between my junior and senior year my boyfriend and I were talked into the realization that heroin was cheaper, easier … and the high was similar. The entire time I was still doing well in high school. My grade average at Tokay High School never dropped, I eventually graduated as a lifetime Merit Scholar and full blown heroin addict. My parents finally realized I had problems and attempted to intervene. That actually made it easier to get high. Even after two stints in treatment centers I didn’t recognize that it was my problem, it was everybody else’s fault. The entire time in the two treatment places I was able to get all the drugs I wanted. When I got out after the second stay I went on a several month bender and enjoyed the heck out of myself. I thought I was smarter and better than all those nerdy weirdos who didn’t use. My parents were pretty much through with me, they, however, did say they would pay for me to go to sober living. I think they mostly wanted me out of their lives at that point. The first couple of months at Valley Sober Living I was emotionally wrought and very quiet. I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I kept asking myself what was wrong with me, what happened to my life. Sometime, after two months, it suddenly dawned on me that I was responsible for myself. I actually listened to the people who also trying to stay sober. I started paying attention at AA and NA meetings. I became a leader and cheer leader for all sobriety. The more I helped others the stronger my recovery became. I do have to say it was a little depressing to spend my 21st birthday in a sober living house with a bunch of people in recovery. But I refused to give in. I have networked with many others, while with VSL and since, who have given me strength. Now, two years after leaving, I realize how beautiful life without drugs is. My Mother is back in my life, I have a boyfriend who doesn’t use, I have a job, and I am attending Delta College. I like myself again.

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